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Let’s all be responsible to help keep our business’s and schools open here in Madison County!! Also, by doing our part to stop the spread of Covid-19, we are helping to not overwhelm our healthcare and first responders!!


Working together, we can make a difference to Slow our Spread of Covid-19 with the goals of maintaining our healthcare capacity, getting and keeping our kids in school, and keeping our businesses open! – EIPH public outreach campaign to Slow Our Spread (SOS).


The Covid-19 case count is currently on the rise, and we encourage you to follow the public health guidelines.  Practice good hand washing and hygiene, make sure to social distance, and wear a mask when you’re not able to social distance.  Thank you for doing your best to help with this situation.


Now that the summer temperatures are high, it’s important to prevent heat related injuries and death.  The temperature in your car can become deadly very quickly.  If the temperature is 80 degrees outside, the inside car temperature with the windows closed, can reach 123 degrees within 60 minutes.  Make sure to never leave a child or a pet in a car even for a short amount of time.


On July 14, Eastern Idaho Public Health’s  (EIPH) Board of Health (BOH) adopted the COVID-19 Regional Response Plan for the eight-county region (Bonneville, Clark, Custer, Fremont, Jefferson, Lemhi, Madison, and Teton Counties).  The Plan is stratified by risk levels starting with a Minimal Risk/green level and escalating towards the Critical Risk/red level.  Each level has its own metrics and mitigation strategies to reduce the impact of COVID-19.  Different parts of EIPH’s region may be at different risk levels at any one time.  A copy of the Plan, along with a chart indicating the Risk Level of each county including specific guidance for that level, can be found at


Now that we’re getting into summer and the temperature is increasing, we’d like to remind you to exercise fire safety.  Here’s a few ideas..  If you’re having a fire pit, make sure it’s in an enclosed, contained area void of dried leaves or weeds. Try not to build a fire on a windy day and use a fire pit screen to contain the sparks.  If you’re using a grill, only do so outside and keep a 3 foot safe zone around the grill and away from siding and deck rails.  Make sure to keep a close eye on the grill and don’t walk away from it while it’s lit.  And one more.. make sure to follow the local laws on fireworks, and only light them away from buildings and other flammable objects.  Keep children and pets away from fireworks and make sure to have water ready in case something goes wrong.  We hope you’re enjoying your summer and keep safe.


I’ts in the forecast that the peak water flow of Henry’s Fork is beginning to decrease. Please use caution in and around the rivers as they are still running high and the water temperatures are very cold.


As most of you have noticed, our rivers have been rising due to snow melt. Anyone needing sandbags can call Madison dispatch at 208.356.5429 and they’ll get you taken care of.


Governor Little has progressed us to Stage 3 of Idaho Rebounds! This will allow more businesses to open, including movie theaters.  We encourage and thank you for supporting our amazing local businesses.


Governor Little will host a press conference Thursday, May 28 regarding Stage 3 of Idaho Rebounds at 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. MT in the Lincoln Auditorium. The conference will be streamed to the public through Idaho Public Television and online.  We encourage everyone to watch this press conference as we all anticipate the continuation of opening Idaho.


We’re seeing many businesses opening their doors again, and people getting back to work!  We’d like to encourage everyone to get out, use social distancing as you deem necessary, and support all of our wonderful businesses here in Madison County.


We are excited to move into step 2 of Governor Little’s rebound from Covid-19 plan!  We would encourage the citizens of Madison County to support our local businesses as the begin opening up.


As we continue to monitor the Covid situation, we are also monitoring our river levels.  The warmer temperatures are brining spring runoff.  Please be safe around our rivers.


We are currently in stage 1 of 4 of Governor Little’s rebound from Covid-19 plan.  For more details, visit


We’re working in accordance with the Governors order to open up the city offices here in Madison County, and are looking forward to continued services opening in our area.  Check out Madison County’s website for specific details.


Madison School District: We will be adhering to the amended stay home orders from Governor Little by extending the soft closure for students. The stay-home order is in effect until April 30. We still have every hope of getting the students back to finish the 2019-2020 school year. If the students are allowed to go back to school, parents will have the choice to keep their children home without academic penalty.

Sugar Salem School District: Given the latest information at our disposal, we have decided to continue our school-at home-curriculum delivery method for the remainder of the school year. With that decision made, we have also decided to conclude school for students on May 22.  If our state leadership removes the stay at home order, or directs us to do something different, we will quickly meet and reassess our plan of action. In the meantime, we will continue with this plan.


Governor Brad Little extended the statewide stay-at-home order to remain through April 30, 2020 with some changes.  We’ve attached the Covid-19 order under the Covid-19 info center on this webpage.  We will continue to look to our elected officials to direct us through this extension.


We appreciate everyone’s cooperation as we all work through this Covid-19 issue together, and we’re looking forward to what our Governor has to say in his press conference tomorrow! We’d like to say thank you to all the retailers, private citizens, emergency responders and everyone, as we work on addressing this current situation. Have a safe, healthy day!


As of today, there have been five confirmed Covid-19 cases from community spread in Madison County.  The agencies in Madison County are closely monitoring the situation and are actively taking necessary steps to protect our community.  We are looking forward to what the Governor has to say on Wednesday regarding Covid-19.


Good evening. As most of you have heard. Madison County had three new cases today. Two of which were from “Community spread”. We encourage all of our residents to follow the Governor’s guidelines. You can access the full press release here:

We assure our residents that we are working hard to plan and mitigate the current situation. Please continue to call the COVID-19 hotline with any and all questions: 208-522-0310.


Madison County is working hard to understand the Governor’s announcement. More information will be released as it becomes available to us.



Eastern Idaho Public Heath announced today that there are two confirmed cases of COVID – 19 in Jefferson County. Madison County continues to work with our surrounding county officials as we monitor and adjust to the situation.


The City of Rexburg and Madison County have both signed emergency declarations of Disasters. This step allows our elected officials the ability to further assist the residents of Madison County and the City of Rexburg. These declarations do not indicate a significant change, but rather further steps to better prepare the City and County for future assistance as needs arise.



Good evening. Eastern Idaho Public Health (EIPH) has reported a second confirmed case in Madison County. EIPH is investigating the case and will reach out to anyone that will need to be tested. The patient is reported to have experienced mild symptoms and is recovering at home and has self isolated. Please call EIPH COVID-19 Hotline #: 208-522-0310 or 855-533-3160 (toll-free) with any questions. 

We will continue to update this news feed with information as it becomes available. Madison County is continuing to take appropriate steps to work with the community and address specific needs. We encourage our community members to continue to follow CDC guidelines, including calling your Doctor prior to an office visit if you are experiencing symptoms.

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    Cherie Hodgson
    April 8, 2020 (6:33 am)

    Please post the numbers of confirmed cases on your site. The state site is no longer posting them by county.

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