River Updates – Henry’s Fork, Teton, and Snake

Warmer temperatures have caused the rivers to rise in recent weeks. Over the next week, temperatures will gradually increase, reaching the 70s and possibly near 80 degrees in the Upper Snake Plain (5-10 degrees cooler in the Teton Valley). Daily chances of showers and thunderstorms will mostly remain below 35%. Though recent cool temperatures briefly halted the melting process, there is still significant snow left to melt. The Henry’s Fork River is expected to reach Action Stage late next week and could reach Minor Flood Stage the following weekend, with additional rainfall impacting the situation. Higher flows are anticipated in the Teton River next month, and the Bureau of Reclamation plans to increase flows on the Snake River to prevent critical levels causing channel changes.

To keep up to date with all water levels and view more images like this one below please visit our emergency management portal here.

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